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Addictions can be very hard to deal with and we advice you get the right support needed to deal with it but we also believe that with our daily reminders we can help remind you why you made the decision to quit whatever it maybe you were addicted to.


Smoking cigarettes, smoking weed, drinking alcohol, masturbation, porn, cheating, compulsive lying, PTSD, food, money, thieving, gambling.


Anxiety- Anxiety is difficult to deal with and we advice you to seek the correct help, speak to your GP and find the best help.


Unfortunately not everyone receives these small gifts that we take for granted and that’s why The Daily Motive is here to try and help spread some positivity. Sign up and get your first month completely free.


Our daily reminders may not be a cure to anxiety but we here at The Daily Motive would hope that our daily positive messages will help you feel a little better, a daily reminder that you are not alone and sometimes a small gesture or a small positive message can change a persons day.

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